Review: Wonder Woman

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Still buzzing from viewing Wonder Woman last night, I find myself in the rare position of being seduced by a film even after sleeping on it. The magic that I had hoped for in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and (slightly) Suicide Squad was finally realized in the passion project that is Wonder Woman.

Yes, of course, as a female as I went into this experience with a far different perspective than what studios may consider to be the “audience” for these films. Yes, of course I entered with my girl power flag flying. However, I went in as a woman scorned by a couple of disappointing entries in this ever growing universe of DC films. My feelings were very conflicted.

The great news here is that Wonder Woman was everything that I wanted, and more. It is a story of a woman sculpted from (genetic lottery winning) clay and brought to life by Zeus who leaves her utopian homeland of amazon warrior women with a strange man to help end Earths great war by killing Ares-the god of war. This mix of Greek mythology, historical drama and fantasy proves to be a winning combination in the hands of Patty Jenkins-known widely for her Oscar winning film ‘Monster’.

The film spends a generous amount of time in the hidden paradise of Themyscira showcasing the rigorous training, impressive agility and compassionate society that the amazon women embrace. Their culture is one of love, support, dedication, loyalty and respect-but it is also one that teaches every member of its community to be strong enough to fight for themselves. Literally. In this environment Diana is drawn to be a warrior like her mother and auntie Antiope (say that 10 times fast). Though she faces conflicting support from her family, her strong will and fighting spirit proves to be her most defining trait.

When Steve Trevor-a British spy escaping from a pack of German soldiers with incredibly important intel in tow-crash lands in Themyscira, Diana learns for the first time that there is a world outside of her own, and one that needs her help. Her motivation to rid the world of Ares evil influence is her driving force throughout this film-while love gives her the strength to carry it through to the end.

Though her relationship with Steve Trevor is certainly central to the story, it is not the type of love story which causes the lovers to sidestep their initial motivations. It gets tiresome to hear every man who she comes into contact with telling her how beautiful she is- but it reflects on the time period. Nobody wants to hear her, only to look at her. Despite all of the obvious jabs at her beauty, Dianas most beautiful and emotional scenes come when she faces evil directly in its face. Every combat scene is expertly shot, expertly choreographed and rivals anything else that I’ve seen on screen in a fantasy setting. Her physical capabilities are displayed with absolutely nothing held back-and it makes for some of the most intense and heart pumping fights in any superhero film to date.

Wonder Woman certainly has its flaws, but I was very impressed by the attention given to every aspect of it. From the accurately devastating portrayals of ground and biological warfare, to the care that went into its characters. Everyone in this diverse cast has an identity and everyone has their contribution to the big picture. Only the villains of this tale are one sided in their beleifs. The story is well paced and never dull, and it gives little screen time to the “fish out of water” tropes that it could so easily have fallen back on. Diana doesn’t learn how phones work, or learn how to walk in heels. When it comes to quality acting- Chris Pine was the star for me here. His portrayal of both a fearless and passionate soldier, as well as a man lovestruck by a woman with unflinching independence-is convincing on all accounts.

Of course, my most beloved takeaway from Wonder Woman was the woman herself. Her compassion is not weakness, and her heart is not her Achilles heel. She persists in the face of opposition and she will be silent for no one. She stands in the way of any danger-gunfire, gas or genocide. She is driven by the idea of peace and inspired by the women who made her, but she is never blinded by the past. She looks to the future.

She is a woman, and a hero, that every woman would love to be. I walk away from this film wanting to be a better woman for this world.
Sidenote: Wonder Womans theme music is LIQUID GOLD


San Diego 2014: San Diego Zoo to My First Comic Con! (FB Photo Album)

This was my first time in San Diego, one my first times in the USA, and my first time at Comic Con. Overheated, overwhelmed and overcrowded, it was an experience that I won’t soon forget. 

In the excitement of the event, I failed to take any photos of myself in costume with any of the hundred + people who wanted a photo with/of me. So, if you took a photo of/with me, or if you’d like to tag yourself in any of my photos, please email me at or look for my FB page called “The Dani Planet” and tag away!


The Road to Comic Con: Part One

Allow me to contain myself while I internally implode from excitement. We are journeying from Western Canada to THE San Diego Comic Con this year, and I could not be more excited to cross this momentous occasion off of my bucket list. I have decided that the best way to memorialize the occasion is to document it via the internet for the world to see. We are currently two weeks away from Preview Night!

I have spent the last few weeks doing two very key things: planning my first cosplay costume and all of our post-Con events in San Diego. So far, I have a large list of potential events and go-to spots that we hope to hit, but definitely don’t expect to. The foodie that I am, I will spend much of my time seeking out great restaurants. Suggestions are welcome!

So far, I have the following list of events for fellow Con goers:

 July 24th: OK GO playing at Belly Up

Judah Friedlander at the American Comedy Company (July 24-26)

Jay and Silent Bob Live Podcast at American Comedy Company\

July 25th: Live taping of @Midnight with Chris Hardwick at the Historic Balboa Theatre

Chris Tucker live at the San Diego Civic Theatre

Movies by the Lake: The Lego Movie at 9310 Famita Parkway

July 26th: Screening of JJ Abrams ‘Star Trek’ accompanied by San Diego Symphony at Embarcadero Marina Park South

All week: Summet Sunset Luau on Mission Bay

Restaurants: Hob Nob (I want those chicken and dumplings…)

Hope to see some of my fellow geeks out there in the madness, and please feel free to offer some more restaurant suggestions!