12 Days of Christmas (Specials)-Day 7-“The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis” from The Big Bang Theory Season 2

After a few seasons I stopped watching Big Bang Theory as the characters became less nerdy and awkward and the relationship angle began to take over. I also had to distance myself once every adult female in my life started telling my boyfriend and I that we were “just like Big Bang!”.


Well before I strayed, I was in love with the Christmas episode from their second season. Sheldon is frustrated when Penny brings him a Christmas gift because-as he says-“The foundation of gift giving is reciprocity. You’re not giving me a gift, you’re giving me an obligation!”. His friends take him to (I think) Bath and Body Works to get an appropriately priced and sized present for her. He decides to purchase several baskets, so that when he opens Pennys gift he can determine how much to give her in return.

She ends up giving him a gift so incredible that he gives her all of the baskets, plus a very rare bonus gift-an emotional hug from Sheldon.

I think about this episode quite often while doing my own shopping, as I attach too much importance to the quantitity of gifts, the price etc etc and let that guide my gift giving. The most amazing gifts aren’t expensive or large, but they are thoughtful and personal-especially between friends.


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