12 Days of Christmas (Specials) Day 8 – “Citizen Knope” from Parks and Recreation Season 4

Leslie is on suspension, and in her absence her colleagues try to plan a perfect Christmas gift for her-since she is notorious for being a flawless and very thoughtful gift giver.

They decide that they will work together to build a gingerbread model of the Parks department offices because Leslie loves her job so dearly. Complete with candy versions of themselves, they work tirelessly to make a special gift for Leslie.

While Leslie unofficially works on a Parks committee and Ben tries to move forward in his life with a new job, Leslie is given the bad news that her city council campaign managers have given up on her. Fortunately, her friends and colleagues end up giving her the best gift of all-their support.

This show never fails to tug at the heartstrings of its viewers (I know that I’m not alone) and this episode is a perfect example of how insightful and touching it can truly be. Christmas or not, it teaches us that there will always be another door for you to go through, and that the support of your friends and family is a beautiful gift.


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