12 Days of Christmas (specials) Day 11-My Own Personal Jesus from ‘Scrubs’ Season 1

My love for Scrubs truly has no bounds, so I knew that I would have to work them into my list somehow, but they rarely did traditional sitcom holiday episodes. “My Own Personal Jesus” from the first season is one of the few that centered on Christmas-and it did so from a unique perspective.

The main storyline sees Turk-who is a man of faith-trying to remind his jaded friends and girlfriend that Christmas is about the messages of the bible-peace, love and joy. However, during his night shift at the hospital his beliefs are shaken after he deals with horrible tragedy after tragedy on his first Christmas eve as a surgeon. He questions a God who could let such terrible things happen to so many people who need his help.

Scrubs is one of the few shows that masterfully dealt with very difficult subjects with grace and humour at the same time. In this instance they did an excellent job of bringing Turks journey full circle when he experiences something that restores his faith and helps him to return to his normal self.

Whether you are religious or not, one of the characters adventures will likely touch you in some way. Carla tries to get her boyfriends spark back when he feels abandoned by his God. Elliot tries to deny that she has a maternal side in order to show strength against a boss who sees her as nothing but a stereotype, while JD is simply trying to make his mentor love him. Or respect him, or trust him…its complicated.


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