Geekend Movie Release: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

In the land of sequels and remakes (present day Earth) there are far too many unnecessary examples of such. Even the most hilarious and quality films run the ever-present risk of running their premise and jokes straight into the ground. The lucky few that have pulled it off-’22 Jump Street’ and-arguably-‘Anchorman 2’, to name a few-succeed only in completely steering away from their original concept entirely or making a ‘fourth wall’ breaking mockery of its existence.

If you asked me just months ago if 2010s time travel comedy ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ was in need of a sequel, I probably would have said no, but once the trailer hit, I was swayed in the opposite direction.

The original cast returns for the most part, with the exception of leading man John Cusack-but to compensate for his absence we get ‘Stepbrothers’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’ funnyman Adam Scott. I’m not complaining. The hilarious team of Rob Corddry, (The Daily Show, Childrens Hospital, Warm Bodies) Craig Robinson (The Office, This is the End, Pineapple Express) and Clark Duke (Kick Ass, Sex Drive) now reside in the future that they manipulated for themselves by travelling back in time in the first film, which is actually the present. Got it?

Their new lives have been made possible by stealing as much useful information as they could during their stint in the 1980s. Nick (Craig Robinson) has made himself into a musical prodigy by stealing famous pop music and recording it before the original artists have a chance to. Lou (Rob Corddry) has taken advantage of what little knowledge he has about modern technology and used it to build a tech empire. An assassination attempt on Lou’s life spirals out of control when Nick and Jacob (Clark Duke) try to go back in time to undo the damage and end up in the future instead.

No matter how bleak the outlook is for this movie, you can at least bank on the fact that it will be raunchy and completely lacking in time travel logistics. That may work, and it might not.

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