IMJ Geek Film Review™ – Sin City A Dame to Kill For

My review of Frank Millers Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

IMJ Geek Film Review Danielle Young LogoSin City A Dame To Kill For Banner Final

Walking into Sin City A Dame to Kill For, I was a little confused. Was it going to be a prequel? A sequel? Somewhere in-between the two?

As it turns out, it was all of the above.

In a similar format to the first film, the story breaks into acts involving different timelines and characters. Some take place before the events of the first film, and some after. Jessica Alba’s character Nancy Callahan (still looking FANTASTIC nine years later!) continues to suffer and plot revenge against Senator Roark, who wronged her and her hero John Hartigan (Bruce Willis)– a man who continues to haunt her. Returning favourite Marv (played by Mickey Rourke) spends his nights drinking himself away, watching Nancy dance and looking for trouble.

Sin City A Dame To Kill For PosterLuckily, he finds a lot of it in A Dame to Kill For.

Josh Brolin makes his debut as the…

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