IMJ Nation™ Special – How To Survive Your FIRST Comic Con!

My quick guide to surviving Comic Con. Start planning now for 2015!

DY How to Survive Comic-Con BannerDY SDCC Photo #1

Now that the dust has completely settled on my first-ever San Diego Comic Con, I wanted to provide the IMJ Nation™ with some essential Comic Con Survival Tips! If you read anything useful, please feel free to bookmark this post for next year— as SDCC 2015 will be here before we all know it!

Geography Is Everything Header

When booking hotel accommodations, your first instinct may be to get the hotel parked right in the middle of the madness, and although this may be more convenient and time efficient, it will also be a burden on your budget and may hinder your ability to find “you” time.

For the entirety of the Con, there are thousands upon thousands of people walking the streets in San Diego’s Gaslamp District (the area immediately adjacent to the Convention Centre), so we found a hotel near the border of Tijuana and San Diego that provided some…

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