The Road to Comic Con: Part One

Allow me to contain myself while I internally implode from excitement. We are journeying from Western Canada to THE San Diego Comic Con this year, and I could not be more excited to cross this momentous occasion off of my bucket list. I have decided that the best way to memorialize the occasion is to document it via the internet for the world to see. We are currently two weeks away from Preview Night!

I have spent the last few weeks doing two very key things: planning my first cosplay costume and all of our post-Con events in San Diego. So far, I have a large list of potential events and go-to spots that we hope to hit, but definitely don’t expect to. The foodie that I am, I will spend much of my time seeking out great restaurants. Suggestions are welcome!

So far, I have the following list of events for fellow Con goers:

 July 24th: OK GO playing at Belly Up

Judah Friedlander at the American Comedy Company (July 24-26)

Jay and Silent Bob Live Podcast at American Comedy Company\

July 25th: Live taping of @Midnight with Chris Hardwick at the Historic Balboa Theatre

Chris Tucker live at the San Diego Civic Theatre

Movies by the Lake: The Lego Movie at 9310 Famita Parkway

July 26th: Screening of JJ Abrams ‘Star Trek’ accompanied by San Diego Symphony at Embarcadero Marina Park South

All week: Summet Sunset Luau on Mission Bay

Restaurants: Hob Nob (I want those chicken and dumplings…)

Hope to see some of my fellow geeks out there in the madness, and please feel free to offer some more restaurant suggestions!


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