Music That Has Influenced Me From A-Z: D is for Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional sings the songs that the hopeless romantic inside of each of us would sing. Songs of longing, heartbreak, hope and desperation.

I can barely recall the first time that I heard Dashboard Confessional, but I do remember hearing their songs in the background during episodes of “Undergrads”, which I watched on a nightly basis for at least a year. Turns out that they were huge MTV darlings at the time, as I came to discover.
I remember being instantly drawn to the clarity and power in Chris Carrabba’s vocals and the simplicity of the music, which at the time was primarily acoustic or centred around guitar. There wasn’t a whole lot of music out at the time that I was aware of that sounded like it. If there was, it just didn’t have the same magnetism. These songs were vibrant, original and passionate.
I saw Dashboard Confessional play with City and Colour right after the song “Vindicated” was featured in Spiderman 2, and it was a fantastic live show. Both artists were terrific live, with great energy and a pitch-perfect delivery that was just as good-if not better-than their album sound. 
For being the soundtrack to my love starved youth and being a constant source of positive nostalgia, Dashboard Confessional is the ‘D’ of my musical influences, from A-Z.

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