Things That I Loved This Week!



Prisoners-5.jpeg (1280×686)

Gripping, tragic, devastating. I can think of few other words to describe the plot and performances of ‘Prisoners’. Hugh Jackman delivers the performance of his career as a father in ruins, while Jake Gyllenhal absolutely nails his role as a small town police detective tasked with investigating the disappearance of two young girls. Maria Bello, Paul Dano, Melissa Leo, Terrance Howard and Viola Davis deliver strong-and often powerful-performances that round out an all star cast of characters. Upon reading a synopsis about a father who takes the law into his own hands when his daughter does missing, you may be left unenthused, but it is oh-so-much more than that. There are many scenes that will leave you conflicted, maybe even uncomfortable. Just when you think that you know where the clues are leading-and even if you have it figured out-there will still be moments of shock and awe. Though you may be left with an emotional weight on your mind and heart afterwards, I recommend that you add this movie to your “must watch” list immediately.


Marvel Original Sin #0

Original_Sin_0_Preview_2.jpg (603×336)

In what proves to be a brilliant series, Original Sin #0 starts strong right out of the gate. An Origin story about the elusive cosmic entity ‘The Watcher’, this issue finds the young superhero ‘Nova’ seeking for answers-and finding ones that he did not expect-on a personal and cosmic level. I anticipate-and hope- that ‘The Watcher’ is worked into the ever-expanding Marvel cinematic universe, as his role in the last few decades of comics has been consistent and very vital. With the coming introduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos and the like, I anticipate that The Watcher will have an inevitable role to play as the events become more universal. With clever dialogue, clean and vibrant artwork and fantastic, emotional storytelling, ‘Original Sin #0’ is a series worth getting in to and sticking behind.

Other recommendations:

Elektra #1

What If? Age of Ultron #4


Jason Palmer Studios

I was fortunate enough to spend my Saturday at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, where I walked nearly seven kilometers around Artist Alley and a land of toys, posters and people. This being my second year at the event, I made it a point to lay my eyes on everything that I could possibly see before the day was through. The one artist that grabbed my attention over his peers was Mr. Jason Palmer. The sheer volume of realism in his collection is breathtaking, and his attention to detail is exceptional. Not only is his body of work at the top of his profession, but his passion speaks to his maturity, love and enthusiasm for his work. It is infectious.

I proudly took home a Professor Xavier and Phoenix print!

tumblr_lkf4ynSwk41qg8i80o1_1280.jpg (510×670)PStewart+Xavier+MrzWM.jpg (282×400)

Follow him on Facebook, you won’t regret it!



I first came across Phantogram at last years XFest lineup in Calgary, where the pair put on a hypnotic performance of electronic, alternative rock bliss. I recently came across their studio album ‘Voices’ and have had it in my regular rotation ever since. Check out Black Out Days, Bad Dreams and I Don’t Blame You.

The Damned Things

The Damned Things is a collaboration of members of several beloved punk, rock and hardcore bands that decided to go back to basics. Their music is a modern day adaptation of one classic theme: sex, drugs and rock. With infectious choruses, catchy beats and classic rock lyrics, this music is nearly impossible to resist. For those who might be skeptical, fear not, because the vocals of Keith Buckley (of Every Time I Die fame) give these party rock anthems a modern edge and appeal that will draw in an unlikely crowd of followers.

Check out: Friday Night, Little Darling and Broken Heart


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