Things That I Loved This Week!


The new X Men: Days of Future Past trailer!

Previous trailers for this movie were focused on character features and REALLY cliche one liners, seemingly cut and pasted from actual dialogue in the film for dramatic effect.  In the final draft, we were finally treated to a trailer that offered a solid and thoughtful explanation of the plot of the film. No more dramatic background music underneath cheesy quips like “I know what I have to do” followed by the entire cast showing off their best serious faces. There are moments of humour and loads of action, creating a much more tantalizing offering for salivating nerds such as myself. I am extremely excited for this movie, but my personal tastes sway more towards the marketing and promotions that they utilized in the first few months of campaigning, such as the posters below. Simple, yet oh no effective. I am slightly concerned that the movie is becoming TOO hyped and it may be swaying expectations. However, the X Men are always a win in my books, and the collaboration of old and new cast is very, very exciting.

movies-xmen-days-of-future-past-posters.jpg (618×461)

Watch the old trailer, and then the latest one, and you too will see and hear a HUGE difference in quality.


Going into this movie, I had not really read or heard anything about it, but I was very intrigued by the idea. I ended up being quite impressed by its ideas and scared by its insight. I know that there will be many people who pick it apart for plot holes, timing issues etc, but I do think that the film (by famed Cinematographer of Christopher Nolan, Wally Pfister) achieved what it set out to do. It made you think, it made you afraid and it made you become a part of the moral conflict that the characters were going through. As you would expect from a Cinematographer behind such films as ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy and ‘Inception’, the visuals were really outstanding.

Transcendence-movie-poster.jpg (650×1011)

I have seen some feedback of the film since viewing it, and it isn’t very good, but I do think that it is worth a watch for yourself. Your perception of a movie is affected heavily by your predetermined expectations, and more importantly, you can’t always believe the general public!

Besides, if you don’t like it, I have an alternate ‘fan fiction’ theory that involves Paul Bettanys character ‘plugging in’. Thats right, its a J.A.R.V.I.S origin story. If things go sideways, I might write it one day.


Game of Thrones: Season 4, Episode 2

Folks, as a member of the cable-less community, I am a strong advocate for concealing the details of television shows for as long as possible so as to not spoil it for late viewers, like myself. So, having said that, DID YOU SEE EPISODE 2???

I have such a love/hate relationship with this show, in that I love and appreciate its glorious and elaborate storytelling and I applaud its audacity, BUT I take issue with the very watered down and cliche dialogue. Granted, when you are following a series of fantastic novels you likely want to stay away from adding in too much additional dialogue so as to not affect the story. So, I’ll give it a pass, because most of the dialogue that they rip right from the books is generally very powerful.

The reason that I keep coming back to this show is because of crazy episodes like this one. The tension that they are able to build, the hatred that they can instil in a viewer towards its characters and the surprises that it can spring on you are just intoxicating.

Although I can see that the events of last weeks episode are going to open a whole new can of medieval worms, all l that I can say is, HALLELUJAH!


Station Studios/Christpher Uminga

I first met Christopher Uminga-and his work-at the 2012 Saskatchewan Expo, and which point I purchased at least 2 prints, went home and followed him on Facebook and Instagram, and started spreading the word. He seemed to be a very cool, down to earth fellow, and his work is very unique, eclectic and playful. His drawings of Batman villains, television characters and famous video game characters make his body of work a nerdvana of modern art. I chose to talk about him today because the incredible work that has been posted in the last few months is some of his best so far. At least once a week I gaze upon a new character piece and exclaim “TAKE MY MONEY!!” Art like his has made having Instagram a whole lot more exciting.

Exhibit #1,2 and 3:


If you follow him on Facebook, you should also follow Station Studios, a band of uber talented artists of which he is a part. Together, they are touring the Convention circuit and spilling their wealth of talent all over North America. I can only hope that they make their way to Western Canada again this year. If not, I’ll see you guys at SDCC!


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