Things That I’ve Loved This Week

Movies: Captain America:The Winter Soldier

‘The Winter Soldier’ succeeded on many levels, but the most important of all is that it made me a fan of Captain America and Black Widow. I liked them well enough in their previous movie appearances, but this movie finally gave them an opportunity to shine as people and as heroes. The storyline is solid, the dialogue is smart and witty with plenty of fan-centric humour, and for once, there is ACTION! Captain America: The First Avenger was-in my opinion-undoubtedly the weakest Marvel movie of Phase 1, and the serious lack of excitement and action was one of its biggest downfalls. The same cannot be said for ‘The Winter Solider’, as it boasts several dynamic action sequences that looked…dare I say…realistic? Steve Rogers has finally come to grips with his present day, and his modern makeover is evident in everything from his mannerisms to his relaxed vernacular. Chris Evans finally has the chance to show range in the character, while still staying true to the old fashioned values of Cap.

The cast is filled with lovable characters from The Avengers and beyond, and with a few new additions to the cast, including the down to earth ‘Falcon’, there is never a dull moment. One of the best qualities of the movie is that it is cheeky and self aware, poking fun at itself before you have a chance to do so.

‘The Winter Soldier’ is a fantastic Marvel movie, action movie and just a roaring good time. Go see it!

Music: Alt J

I am not normally a fan of electronic music, but it is growing on me because of artists like Alt J. His sound is an eclectic mix of stoner rock, pop, dance and electronic, and is a perfect soundtrack to a night in with friends or a night time drive through the city. His vocals are very strange, but serve as a complimentary instrument to the layers of music that is accompanies. That infectious bass and the ethereal sounds of triangle and rainsticks mixed with synthetic sounds of modern technology make Alt J a great find as we head into warm summer nights, where good music is often necessary. Check out the song Taro, from ‘An Awesome Wave’

Games: South Park: The Stick of Truth

I’m still fairly new to being a ‘gamer’ but I am a South Park veteran, and the coming together of the two is nothing short of glorious. This game is absolutely perfect for fans of the show in every way possible. There are references to the show every which way, down to the most minute of details. The map itself is comprehensive but fairly small, helping to keep the game from feeling overwhelming or confusing. The total play time to complete the main storyline is rather short, but if you take the time to complete the side missions and try your hand at getting trophies and achievements, you can safely invest at least 10 hours into the game and have a roaring good time the whole way through. The jokes and plot are slightly altered based on your choice of character (Thief, Mage, Jew, Fighter) with hilarious accessories to further ridicule your character.

Immature to the nines, hilarious and damn fun, this game is a South Parks fans dream come true. Play it ME-YAW!

Technology: Googles Chrome Cast

Not on my own whim, our household now owns *two* Chrome Casts. Basically, it is a Wifi dongle that plugs into your HDMI port in the back of your TV. The device then uses wireless internet to connect to your other household devices, like your cell phone and computer, and allows you to stream and control what it showing on the TV right from the source. For example, if you are hooked up to the Chrome Cast using your Android phone, you can watch You Tube and any other media that you have right on the television, but all controlled by your phone.

The coolest part, however, is combining the device with a little program called ‘Plex’. ‘Plex’ is a paid app in the Android market and a free program to install to your home computer. Using the app, you can sit in your living room and use your phone to navigate the media that is stored on your computer, streaming it through the TV. It is basically like having Netflix, but the library consists of only videos that you have acquired and chosen yourself. ‘Plex’ takes your large inventory of mistitled files and uses its magic to sort them into appropriate categories, organizing everything with covers, photos, descriptions, plot summaries, and it PLAYS THE THEME SONG TO THE SHOW THAT YOU ARE BROWSING THROUGH WHILE YOU ARE BROWSING THROUGH IT. Technology is just plain glorious.


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